IRA Software
developed by Quants,
for non-quants

Nextgen IRA is the first objective analytical tool designed for
financial advisors and insurance agents to analyze IRA Wealth Transfers across multiple scenarios.

Un-biased analytics solutions for:

Optimizing IRA Wealth Transfers

All-in-one IRA Max Analysis Platform

From gathering basic client suitability to a robust statistical engine, we provide advisors with a start-to-finish IRA Max platform that substantiates a conclusion to one primary question: what strategy is in the best interest of my client given their goals and circumstances?

Put the Odds in your Client's Favor with Q Portfolios

We are focused on helping advisors avoid failed insurance plans due to underperformance of their funding strategy, and subsequently running out of money to fund the ongoing premiums. That’s why we’ve partnered with Thinkbetter.
  • Reduced drawdowns through rules-based, tactical risk management in market crashes
  • Designed to mitigate sequence risks inherent in any funding strategy
  • Diversified across asset classes and sub-classes
  • Better math = better risk-adjusted returns = higher probability of success for insurance funding strategies.
  • First of its kind heavy-tail optimizer produces more accurate risk measurements and portfolio weightings than Mean-variance
  • Markets aren't normally distributed, yet nearly all portfolio construction software assumes they are. Thinkbetter does not.
  • Five pre-built portfolios ranked by max drawdown, ranging from conservative to aggressive.
  • Suitability-linked asset allocations to the NextGen IRA suitability questionnaire
  • Can be mapped to an Advisor's own suitability questionnaires for ease of use.
  • The methodology doesn't add hidden risks to achieve outsized performance at similar levels of risk
  • No leverage, shorting or going to cash
  • No derivatives, no options
  • Risk Score 3 (ticker: QPT), and Risk Score 5 (ticker: QPX) portfolios available through ETFs launched through Advisorshares
  • Separately Managed Accounts through Thinkbetter
  • Signal Agreements through Thinkbetter

Optimize your client's IRA

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